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Hox Animals Categories: Pig/Boar

           The lecture on May 21st introduced the honors students to different animals of the zodiac under various categories. The Hox gene, also known as homeotic genes, was also discussed in class. These genes are a group of genes that control the body plan of an embryo along the anterior-posterior (head-tail) axis. The reason humans have 2 eyes, 10 fingers, and 2 feet is because of the Hox gene. Every living creature on earth, from the pig to the human, have the Hox gene.

Honors 177 Project: Ganges River

The sun shone fiercely and my senses succumbed to the smell of burning body. It’s shocking how particular smells evoke memories. I was on the first of many travels to India, floating down the Ganges River. My mother stressed this trip would give us a deeper understanding for distant people. Dazed from minimal sleep, and disoriented by the foreignness of an unfamiliar environment, a part of me yearned to be back at home. But the pungent scent that hung heavy in the air forced me to realize: I was in Varanasi, India, watching a sunrise over traditional Hindu cremation ceremonies.

The Study of Water

The study of water in art initially involved by examining the different ways in which water has been represented creatively. Water has often been stylized in a variety of ways for a variety of different purposes. In class, Professor Vesna lectured about “water bodies” and discussed how each student has their own individual water bodies. As humans, we are emotionally connected to water, with a variety of stories and members of society serve as keepers of different spaces poetically and artistically.


Animals and Activism

After having learned of Thursday’s visitor (Jason Fahrion), I read “Bees Making Art: Insect Aesthetics and the Ecological Moment” by Mary Kosut & Lisa Jean Moore. This journal reminded me of the fact that bees have always been in human society and in the art world, but they were usually obscured or taken for granted in both realms.

Kathy High & Brain-Gut Interactions

This week in lecture, Kathy High presented her exhibition in the CNSI gallery. She spoke to us about a variety of projects that she has embarked on in the past years. Kathy High spoke about several of her most recent projects, which featured David Bowie photo re-enactments and stool samples in glass blown vats of honey.


A Biopunk Manifesto

In lecture today, DIYSECT, DIYbio, and bioart ethics were deeply discussed in addition to our first Foraging experience. Meredith Patterson’s book entitled “A Biopunk Manifesto” was also mentioned. I investigated the idea of Biopunk/hacker culture for my blog post because I originally related the term “hacker” with a bad stigma. Contrary to my original assumption, I learned this is far from the truth.


Manual on Home Hydroponics

The website N55 was discussed today in the HNRS 177 course by Professor Vesna. The idea of N55 really interested me, so I decided to research the website. N55 was created by both scientists and artists and the website is a huge free system of sustainable projects for raising awareness for energy power for the standard power. On the website, I found an interesting article on Home Hydroponics.

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