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The Heart of Horses

            I have been so excited to write this blog post. I love horses! Actually, that is an understatement. Horses have had a huge impact on my life. While I never had my own horse, My K-12 upbringing was spent training, riding and taking care of other peoples beloved 4-legged companions. And yes, I call them companions, not pets. Throughout the cultures of the world horses are revered for their central role in the human experience.

San Jose Color Run

This year I have loved learning most about how artists can help bridge the gap between the scientific world and the public. For example, Kathy High’s exhibit aimed to draw attention to the issues and alternative treatments doe Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Steve Kurtz used his art to involve the public in many environmental issues regarding water and food. From what I have seen and experienced, I believe that the most effective art exhibits are the ones that facilitate public participation in the issue.

Running Water: Music to My Ears

I love falling asleep to the sounds of rain patterning against my window. It is a soothing, comforting melody that conveys warmth and safety. When I go camping, I always try to pitch my tent near a river or stream so I that the cheerfully babbling waters will cut the eerie silence, and when I am excessively stressed I take an afternoon to sit on the beach and let the sound of the waves crash over me. My tension lessens.

Opressive Plants in the Hands of Humans

This week in class we watched a short segment of Michael Pollan’s documentary, The Botany of Desire. I was fascinated by the unique approach Pollan took in addressing the human relationship with plant. Instead of focusing on the human-centric question of what plants have done for us, Pollan suggested that we take the plant’s point of view and ask what we have done for plants.

Kathy High, the Microbiome and Lichen

This has been quite the week. On Tuesday Kathy High came to UCLA and gave a thought provoking  presentation on the intersection between art and living systems,

and on Thursday followed up the presentation  with the opening of her newest exhibition, an exploration of the implications of fecal transplant therapy for  disorders of disruptions of the delicate ecology of the gut microbiome.

Fun with Fungi

On Tuesday April 7, I sloshed through to pouring rain to see Peter Lu’s Mushroom Solo Show at Broad Art Center. I arrived completely soaked (I forgot an umbrella) but the spectacle was completely worth it!

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