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Hydroponic/Aquaponic Age

Much of our daily routine involves the usage of genetically modified material. Whether its plant of animal material in the products you use, you can be certain that some technological innovation gave it existence. I'm not against GMO's in their entirety - they help both starving and overfed countries meet their consumption quotas. Fortunately, I'm not a GMO venture capitalist: I'm sure there are some health repercussions dealing with pesticide resistance and what not. 

Does waste matter?

What is waste? Many consider waste to be the useless byproduct of processes we deem essential. Waste has the connotation of having significantly less value than that of "non-waste" products. If we consider this as the true definition of waste, we destroy the capability of ever harnessing "waste" as a valuable resource. To me, waste is the coined term for the misuse of something potentially valuable. Waste does not mean trash, but rather:

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Foraging around UCLA was quite an interesting activity. I wasn't surprised that UCLA had such a variety of flora readily available for consumption, aside from washing them. This means I'll never go hungry again, right?

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I've never actually been exposed to science as a discrete form of art. To me, science was just science.

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