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Making strange strange

I went to see the ‘Making Strange’ show on this Wednesday and it was definitely an eye opening experience. It is very interesting how Sundaram is pulling these semi-recycles semi-medical materials together with his value of aesthetics and meanings of life. I can see how Sundaram is really into human anatomy, but I’m also fascinated by how his angle of view the human bodily system and appreciate his cultural references.

Study on Zodiac Goat

I'm so surprised that the class focuses on the Chinese zodiac, as a lot of Chinese people nowadays have already forgotten the purpose/ origins of these traditions. Being an international student from China, I have mixed cultural impacts within me but still during this research, I was able to learn so much about sheep and things that I didn't know about Chinese zodiac. It has always been interesting comparing and contrasting the differences between the backgrounds of these animal symbols. 

Living Water: offering love and gratitude

I'm so glad that we focused on the importance of water in our society. I have always been amazed by such a prevalent yet mysterious existence of water in our planet earth. Sometimes I feel like waters are so important for the living that it itself is a flowing living entity. I may be crazy on this but I'm not the only one. In 1994, Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, actually has done solid documentation of beauty and consciousness of water crystals.

The fermentation workshop (05/11/15)

Never have I thought about making those yummy fermented vegetables ever in my life. This food fermentation workshop taught me how simple and fun the procedure is! The salty and anerobic environment really made the micro bacteria to multiply and my jar is already given out the funkish smell. And I greatly enjoyed how we can DIY our own ingredients for fermentation. I chopped up a lot of cabbage in mine, as well as onions that really made me tear (it better tastes good...)


What an eye-opening lecture! Jason, the bee-keeper, gave us such a passionate talk on hive-building, bee-keeping and a bio of bees in our ecosystem. 

The plant culture

No doubt plants have life, but to what extent is their life compared to animal and human lives? Do plants have consciousness and emotions like us humans do? Are humans so different from plants and other parts of the ecosystem after all? These are some thought-provoking questions that last lecture left to me.

The Kathy High Week

I was really inspired by Kathy's lecture. She gave a very exhaustive review of the development of the intermingling field of art and science. I love seeing biotechnology progress through the lens of creative artists. On one hand, bio-artists are very passionate about the future of manipulating life and art to benefit wellness of human. For example, the Cambridge E.Chromi project presented on iGEM 2009 pioneered the field of bio-indicators for bodily diseases (Fig.1).

My First Impressions

My initial thoughts about material of this class are definitely those colorful and detailed microscopic images that I browsed on Scientific American or some science blogs, or maybe some caricature on scientists doing bizarre arts.

Advancement of microscopic technique that allows visualization of fluorescent neuronal labeling. Is this a form of artistic representation of biotechnology? 

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