Introduction and Thoughts on Rabbits

Hi! My name is Jaz Stringfellow (they/them) and I’m a third year music education major from Ventura County. I am the year of the rabbit. I was interested in this class because I’ve always enjoyed cooking starting in high school, when I’d have to figure out how to feed myself after school. Cooking and preparing food has always been a creative outlet for me because my empty stomach always pushed me to think outside the box and create things in a way I still have trouble with as a musician.

A Snake in San Diego

Hi class!


As this is also my first blog post, I would like to start by introducing myself! :) My name is Samuelu (I go by Sammy) and I am a first year Psychology major. I was born in 2001 (the Year of the Snake) and raised in the beautiful city of Oceanside, California (the northern area of San Diego County).


The Tiger and the Rabbit/ Food as Medicine

Hello all!

It has been great meeting everyone and hearing all of your perspectives on the current situation and how it relates to food. I wanted to introduce myself as this is my first post! I'm Justine and I am a 3rd year Chemical Engineering major with a Biomolecular concentration. I have grown up in the Los Angeles county, but my family is originally from the Philippines. I joined this class because I have a passion for food and I really love cooking as a hobby. I hope to continue to learn more about you all and talk more about food in this class!


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