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On Thursday, I went to see the "Making Strange" exhibit by Vivan Sundaram at the Fowler Museum. This exhibit was a combination of the artist's two projects, "Gagawaka" and "Postmortem." Some of the pieces seemed like part of a "medical" fashion line, where medical supplies such as orthopedic supports, surgical masks, and elastic bandage wraps, were incorporated into garments.

LASER: What is an Infinity Structure?

I was really not sure what to expect when attending Robert Gero's exhibit on infinity structures. I was half expecting to see a 3d rendition of the Möbius strip, but Robert Gero talked about an idea where the interior expands infinitely and the exterior remains unchanged. He based his concept off prior works where people had discussed the idea of an infinitely expanding exterior with an unchanging interior and what he came up with was this model in the following picture.

What is an "Anthropocene"?

The Zen Center of Los Angeles is a very interesting and unique place, resembling a Buddhist temple. In this place, I was able to experience a reading of an excerpt from a new novel about to be released on shelves, Love in the Anthropocene. This word is very unfamiliar and unusual to me, and looking it up I came across how experts explain the definition. According to Smithsonian Magazine, “Anthropocene” is the new term to define the present era we as humans live in.

LASERs do not have lasers

When I first learned about LASERs, I imagined an exhibit involving lasers and art in some why, since it would be sponsored by the Art l Sci center. I actually have heard about these events through my Society and Genetics counselor as he would send them out on the listserv. I had not attended one till this class, and I am glad that I had. LASER stands for Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendevous, where artists, scientists, and bioartists present their innovative recent new works.

EVENT: Making Strange

Today, I visited the exhibit in the Fowler Museum called "Making Strange: Gagawaka + Postmortem" by Vivan Sudaram. The artist presented this jointed idea of intertwining the human body and fashion by displaying sculptural garments made out of medical supplies and recycled materials (tubes, rubber, plastic).

At the Crossroads of Science and the Humanities

At the State of the Environmental Humanities seminar, distinguished speakers from around the world presented their perspectives and opened the floor to discussion on their recent works-in-progress. Catriona Sandilands addressed the intersection between ecology and politics in “Some F Words for the Environmental Humanities: Feralities, Feminisms, Futurities.” She focused on a strip of land in Canada dubbed The Strip, which was recently transformed from a chemical and garbage dump to a feral landscape straddling the border between artificial urbanity and natural wilderness.

Koko the Gorilla

As requested, I thought I would take few moments to speak about Koko the gorilla and her miraculous story. I know that on Thursday we were talking about all sorts of interesting characteristics in regards to animals, but when we were focusing on monkeys and how intellectual they are, I immediately thought about Koko.

Jane Mi-Installation

Last Thursday, I came to the MFA for Installation exhibition of Jane Mi. My first impression on Installation is the coldness and loneliness of Antarctica. Instead of using white or other artificial material to mimic snow, artist Jane Mi covered the ground with black soils. When I stepped on soils, it made a pleasant sound like raining sound. Lying on the ground was a volcanic rock on which a generative animation was projected. The moving white lines on the black rocks created various shapes, reminding me of the flow of melting glaciers.


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