The fermentation workshop (05/11/15)

Never have I thought about making those yummy fermented vegetables ever in my life. This food fermentation workshop taught me how simple and fun the procedure is! The salty and anerobic environment really made the micro bacteria to multiply and my jar is already given out the funkish smell. And I greatly enjoyed how we can DIY our own ingredients for fermentation. I chopped up a lot of cabbage in mine, as well as onions that really made me tear (it better tastes good...)


My grandmother in China always makes pickled eggplant and daikon a year ahead and stores them in clay-sealed pickle jars underground so that family can enjoy at New Year celebration. I found it interesting how traditional Koreans always hand-made all their kimchi. Here is a video link to a kimchi recipe:

Hopefully in two weeks, our home-made fermented vegetables can all turn out to be dishes on our dinner tables!