Living Water: offering love and gratitude

I'm so glad that we focused on the importance of water in our society. I have always been amazed by such a prevalent yet mysterious existence of water in our planet earth. Sometimes I feel like waters are so important for the living that it itself is a flowing living entity. I may be crazy on this but I'm not the only one. In 1994, Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, actually has done solid documentation of beauty and consciousness of water crystals. Freezing water and observe it with microscope was their original idea, using water from taps, rivers, fountain and lake water and just observing the formation of the hexagonal crystals. From their observation, neither tap water, nor rivers and lakes from big cities (even after distillation) can form any of those beautiful crystals, but fountain and rivers water from pristine areas can. What became really interesting to me is that, beautiful crystals were observed after giving good words, playing harmonic music, and offering pure prayers. On the other hand, Emoto's group observed disfigured and broken shapes in the opposite situation. It really brought me to tears when I saw these beautiful photo shots of snow crystals. The study, though lack of detailing controls and variation on the standards of beauty, offers so much meaning to water than what I have ever thought. Maybe water does have consciousness (or can somewhat resonate/co-vibrate with our minds and feelings) that the response to an appreciation and positiveness is reflected in its metaphysical formation. Maybe this beautiful rule of nature is as prevalent as water on planet Earth. Is it presumptuous to suggest that water is taking paths with "the pursuit of beauty" in mind? 

"Reaction" of crystals when "hearing" these words... Images captured by Emoto's lab. 

Photograph of water crystals formation when scientists played Edelweiss. Taken by Emoto lab. 

Looking back to the globe-wide water projects in controlling water pollution and purification system, people have putting a lot of attention on how to fix the problem of shortage of clean/ drinkable water, whereas the nature and liveliness of water has been unappreciated by people. Our drinking water today, far from being pure, contains some two hundred deadly commercial chemicals. Add to that bacteria, viruses, inorganic minerals (making the water hard) and you have a chemical cocktail that is unsuitable (if not deadly) for human consumption. John Archer in his book 'THE WATER YOU DRINK, HOW SAFE IS IT ?' refers to an estimate of 60,000 tonnes of fifty different chemicals being deliberately added annually to Australia's water. During class we mentioned about Joseph Beuys' concept about the connection of human and nature, he regards the cleanness the highest respect for our nature as he ended each of his action with washing with water as final cleanses in his Celtic performance in 1971. I believe water has a life and knows the answer -- it deserves more respect from us consumers. 

Joseph Beuy's Celtic performance (1971).