Making strange strange

I went to see the ‘Making Strange’ show on this Wednesday and it was definitely an eye opening experience. It is very interesting how Sundaram is pulling these semi-recycles semi-medical materials together with his value of aesthetics and meanings of life. I can see how Sundaram is really into human anatomy, but I’m also fascinated by how his angle of view the human bodily system and appreciate his cultural references. According to traditional medicine in India (which is a lot similar to Chinese medicine), the human body is comparted into different internal ‘organs’ that run the ‘qi’ (meaning vital life) and blood system. Sundaram seems to have taken this traditional concept and separate out the single systems representing by mannequins and even anatomy models. But according to the documentary inside the show, he says when people are alive, the body is used as a disguise, but postmortem is comprised of all the elements you need to expose a true form of human figure. Ideally speaking, I think Sundaram is trying to arouse the disquieting and amazing feeling with the strange visual impact of his high-fashioned yet deep meaning behind life and death. 



Photo credits: myself.