WELCOME to Honors 177: Biotech & Art!

Hope you had a good break (so short!), and -- welcome to Honor 177: Biotechnology & Art class!

Please note: We will not meet this Thursday and instead, I would like you to login into the class website, view the assigned introductory lectures and readings and write your first blog. If your schedule permits, I encourage you to go and hear Art Sci center alumni Pinar Yoldas talk about her work that involved collaborations between art & biological sciences. Do include your response to her lecture in your blog if you plan to attend!

Mark your calendar now: the make-up class is on Saturday, April 23rd -- I am arranging a field trip to the Beall gallery of Art & Technology at UC Irvine (mark your calendars – this is required!). The exhibition, WETWARE is perfect for our class and I arranged for transportation and the art director and curator David Familian promised to give us a detailed walk-through and discussion. 

You can go through last year's blogs to get an idea of the kind of topics we covered. Every class is different so I keep one site so it becomes a good resource!

OK, more soon!

Victoria Vesna