Week 10

Dragon Offering: Zodiac Lunch

As a dragon, my zodiac organ is the stomach. Although the dragon is the only zodiac animal that does not appear in nature, many dragon foods focus around digestive health and wellbeing. I am an undergraduate researcher in a microbiome lab on campus, and there has been a lot of discussion around fermented foods and probiotics, even though their effectiveness is still not fully known. However, since I already had a sourdough starter, I decided to make sourdough starter scallion pancakes!

What is love?

What is love? It seems as if it’s all around us. The number one biggest selling holiday in America is a love holiday, where the sales just this past Valentine’s day reached over $19.7 billion dollars (White, 2016). The Western Society is infatuated with love from the music, movie, and entertainment content. We hear it every song we like, every radio show we listen to, and in every genre of movie, no matter if it’s James Bond or Mr. Beans.

Idiosyncratic Perceptions

Perceptions vary from person to person to person, so, I will be delving into the various aspects of sensory and psychological perception. My introduction begins with the sensory system and input through the five senses. The stimulus/input is always the same but perceptions are what give things new meaning to us. Our brain utilizes many techniques for categorizing and classifying incoming information based on previous experiences. Our brain is also able to sort out important information from all of the hodgepodge we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The Human Experience on Mental Disorders: "Depression"


When I look back at the history of my time at UCLA, I can surely name many stimulating classes that have made me question the society we live in. One of the first classes I ever took was “Sociology of Health, Illness, and Disease.” On the first day of class our professor began asking us a range of questions.

What does it mean to be ill?

What is considered a mental illness?

If depression and anxiety are considered mental illnesses, then aren’t we all a little mentally ill?

Do you know if you are mentally ill?

Final Project Idea Rough Draft: No Face

What would it be like to interact in a world full of blank faces? What if you couldn’t recognize anyone you see or put a name to a face? Technically, you could still live a fairly normal life and no one would know that you had such a condition unless they asked. But as typical as life would appear on the outside, the life of a prospagnosic, an individual who is unable to identify and distinguish faces, is far from ordinary.

Hidden Behind Clear Plastic: Our Distancing From the Meat Industry

This weekend when I went to the grocery store I started in the fruits and vegetables area and then meandered over to the meats section. Normally I don’t pay much attention to the various assorted meats because I go straight for the packaged chicken breasts and then continue with my shopping. This time, though, I took my time examining all of the different meat selections that were offered. They were what you typically expected in terms of meat selections ranging from beef, to lamb, to poultry, to seafood.

Rough Draft for Final Paper-The Intersection of Communication and Identity

For my chapter, I would like to focus on the concept of "Communication," especially in terms of "Identity," for my part of the human experience.  I would like to build off of my own research that I did for my Honors Thesis and bring it into the biotech world, to make it both more accessible and modern.

Dinosaurs, Technology, or Imitating Thunder?: Hidden world in Culver City

The past weekend, I visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City. I did not realize this, but when I would travel and explore Los Angeles, I passed by the building and thought it was very old and a little eerie. I did not realize I passed by this place when I first heard the name, but only realized it when I paid a visit. It is deceivingly small, and is a bit compact inside. However, this museum has so many interesting things.

Living Among Microorganisms

I came across this article today and wanted to share it with you all. This is a picture of the microorganisms found on the palm of an 8-year-old boy after playing outdoors. Experimental tests have not been done yet to determine what types of bacteria were cultivated, but Tasha Sturm, microbiology lab technician, believes that the hand print includes yeast, fungi, and bacteria. As pretty as this petri dish may seem, it is truly an astounding reminder of the plethora of microorganisms that live amongst us.

EVENT: The Art of Hair

The day I went to visit the "Making Strange" exhibit in the Fowler Museum, I also went to see "The Art of Hair in Africa." This exhibit displayed a variety of hair pins, sticks, combs, and ornaments that have been worn by African women of different class and tribe. The artist states that the use of certain hair pieces function as a form of social communication, to construct one's identity and culture. It was so interesting to see the large display cases with intricate ornaments that were all selectively grouped and labeled.


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