Week 11

Hox Zodiac Lunch

For my food offering, I kept it simple (much like the entire diet of the rabbit)! A small portion of strawberries, bananas, and granola is something that a rabbit would greatly enjoy! However, though strawberries and bananas is what I decided to bring to our zodiac lunch, this small gathering of fruit would actually be more than a rabbit would need for an entire two weeks!

Secret Treasures in the Biomedical Research Library

I rarely go to the Biomedical Research Library, but when I do, I go see what is new and popping Special Collections. Actually, this quarter was the first time I explored the Special Collections in this library, of which I previously had not known its existence. It looked like a normal part of the library, with book stacks. However, there were special encased displays, which presented some interesting artwork. The theme of some of the displays in the special collections seemed to revolve around birds, specifically parrots.

Making Normal Strange

The Making Strange Exhibit was at once stunning, absurd, and thought-provoking! Vivan Sundaram is a Delhi-based artist who does a fantastic job of taking normal, everyday things and turning them into strange combinations that spurs deep thinking about societal notions of beauty and health. Although there were so many pieces that brought up interesting discussion, I'd like to share my thoughts on some of my favorites.

Birds in BioMed!

Today I ventured into somewhere I've never been before...the Biomedical Library's Special Collections stacks! I study in the main library often, but had never known of this hidden gem. What caught my eye was a display of gorgeous illustrations of birds laid out very delicately in a special case.


Observing the Art in Science

A week ago I went to the Griffith Park observatory for the first time. And while I visited the center for another class, I saw aspects of this class too in what I saw and I have decided to talk a bit about the overlap. I went to the observatory for my Evolution of the Cosmos seminar. That part makes sense. A class about the stars and the universe so you take a trip to a museum dedicated to science and astronomy. But I believe that the Griffith Park Observatory best embodies the successful merger between science and art.


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